Medical Ultrasound Imaging Center

Medical Ultrasound Imaging Center

The Medical UltraSound Imaging Center "MUSIC", is an international expertise center on functional imaging using ultrasound for medical applications. MUSIC develops ultrasound based techniques for improved diagnosis, guiding intervention and monitoring treatment from idea to initial clinical application.

The close collaboration with clinicians on one side and commercial partners on the other side warrants that these techniques not only result in academic output, but also are translated to clinical applications and when appropriate, to commercial products.

The research focus is on development functional ultrasound imaging techniques and on quantitative analysis of echo images for cardiovascular, radiology, and OB/GYN applications. Furthermore, at MUSIC we have developed tools for quality assurance of ultrasound equipment: QA4US.

MUSIC is part of the Department of Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine and embedded in the research theme “Vascular Damage” of the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen.






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