Research of Thomas resulted in 2021 in the development of the BabyChecker, a smartphone app that allows healthcare workers to obtain echography-based parameters of the fetus to reduce maternal mortality in low resource settings. Three years later, the BabyChecker is already introduced in 5 different countries in Africa. 

12 January 2024

May 22 and 23, 2024 is set as the new date for you to join the Quality Assurance for Ultra Sound course (QA4US), to be held in Nijmegen at Radboudumc. 

21 November 2023

The NVMU meeting held on October 31, 2023 in Nijmegen at the Radboudumc was a great succes. Eight fascinating lectures by talented young reseachers and ample time to meet ultrasound friends demonstrated the great value of the NVMU (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Medisch Ultrasound - Dutch society for Medical Ultrasound).

A great thanks to the presenters: Joosje de Bakker, Charlotte Nawijn, Sofia Sappia, Tristan Stevens, Gert Weijers, Yuchen Wang, Moein Mozaffarzadeh and Daniek van Aarle. 


03 November 2023

This prestigious award is rarely awarded to (senior) members who make an extraordinary achievement in their field. Chris de Korte received this degree for his contribution to the development and translation of elastographic ultrasound techniques.

25 September 2023

Moein Mozaffarzadeh joined MUSIC in September 2022 as postdoctoral fellow. With a solid background in ultrasound beamforming and especially in phase aberration combined with detailed knowledge on matrix array technology, he is an excellent scientist to develop new 3D carotid strain imaging techniques. Moein obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degree both in Iran and did his PhD at Delft University of Technology.

01 September 2022

During the summer holidays, members of MUSIC will provide demonstrations on ultrasound imaging in “Superzicht” for the special exhibition “See it you Way”.

01 August 2021

Thomas van den Heuvel received the NWO Stairway to Impact Award from Dutch Research Council NWO.

01 January 2021

At the annual NWO-AES Tecknowlogy Symposium, the latest movie on the BabyChecker project was presented.

And here is an additional movie to see the babychecker in action

It shows our latest developments which include the app for android phones for guiding the acquisition, fully automated analysis of the data and presentation of the final results. 

link naar MR OB-GYN - MUSIC ( toevoegen wanneer website klaar is

17 November 2020

Research project “Personalized risk assessment of carotid artery stenosis by ultrafast ultrasound flow imaging” granted in the promotion fund of the Radboudumc and regional hospitals.

29 October 2020

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