Gert Weijers has succesfully defended his PhD thesis with the title ' Staging liver fat by quantitative ultrasound'.

21 November 2019

Gijs Hendriks has succesfully defended his PhD thesis with the title ' 3D breast ultrasound elastography'.

29 October 2019

Anne Saris has succesfully defended her PhD thesis with the title ' Blood velocity vector imaging in the carotid artery using ultrasound'.

20 August 2019

Stein Fekkes has succesfully defended his PhD thesistitled' 3D Carotid Elastography'.

02 July 2019

Roel Verhoeven won the 'Best clinical poster award' at the Imaging the Biomechanics of Life (TOPIM) conference in Les Houches, France as hosted by the European Society for Molecular Imaging.

18 January 2019

On November 10 and 11, Leon de Jong and Anton Nikolaev performed research on the InScience festival on behalf of the MURAB project. Visitors of the festival were able to actively participate in research in the Mariënburg chapel, which was part of the festivals DIY labs. The aim is to develop and validate new methods for 3D ultrasound acquisitions. Later on, this will enable accurate image fusion of MRI and US datasets, which is required in the MURAB project. The MURAB project focusses on improving accuracy and efficiency in the diagnostic workup of breast cancer and muscle disease patients. The cooperating students; Vera Poort, Harm Weekenstroo, Pim van Lochem and Anne ten Dam are hereby thanked for their help at the festival. The setup was well visited and a total number of 22 volunteers were scanned. For researchers as well as festival visitors, this event was very informative and fun and is definitely worth repeating.

27 November 2018

The consortium led by Chris de Korte was awarded an NWO Perspectief grant for ultra-X-treme: ultrafast ultrasound imaging for extended diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease.

08 November 2018

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