Winner Innovation Award Radboudumc 2023: Thomas van den Heuvel

Winner Innovation Award Radboudumc 2023: Thomas van den Heuvel

Research of Thomas resulted in 2021 in the development of the BabyChecker, a smartphone app that allows healthcare workers to obtain echography-based parameters of the fetus to reduce maternal mortality in low resource settings. Three years later, the BabyChecker is already introduced in 5 different countries in Africa. 

The initial market introduction of de BabyChecker by Delft Imaging was in May 2023. In the meantime Thomas founded a new company called Ardim. The company has the mission to introduce new ultrasound=based diagnostic solutions to the market. The first product is an app that facilitates detection of hip dysplasia in new born babies by using Artificial Intelligence. The goal of Ardim is to lower the pressure on the healthcare system by providing the right diagnosis at the right place, in this case Child Care Clinics instead of the Hospital.

Ultrafast thinker with a surplus of ideas 

Thomas is an entrepreneur and pro-active, an ultrafast thinker (and also ultrafast speaker) full of ideas. During his PhD, he developed into scientific entrepreneur and entrepreneurial scientist. He is a star in transferring his enthusiasm for his product with presentations and in that way inspiring people. De step from developing the Babychecker to founding Ardim illustrates that this is not a coincidence. Thomas is a great innovator with products that have a significant impact on healthcare.

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