In Vivo 3D Power Doppler Imaging Using Continuous Translation and Ultrafast Ultrasound.

IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering
C. Chen, G. Hendriks, S. Fekkes, R. Mann, J. Menssen, C. Siebers, C. de Korte and H. Hansen

The introduction of ultrafast ultrasound and spatiotemporal filtering has significantly improved the sensitivity of Doppler ultrasound imaging. This work describes the development of a 3D power Doppler imaging technique which uses a 1D-array ultrasound probe that mechanically translates at a constant speed. The continuous translation allows for a fast scan of a large 3D volume without requiring complex hardware. The technique was realized in a prototype and its feasibility illustrated using phantom and in vivo kidney and breast lesion experiments. Although this 3D Doppler imaging technique is limited in some aspects, it enables power Doppler imaging of a large volume in a short acquisition time with less computational costs.

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