Visualizing the lymphatic vessels and flow with high-resolution ultrasonography and microvascular flow imaging


Joep J. J. Vullings1, Caroline van Schaik1, Jurgen J. Fütterer1, Chris L. de Korte2, Willemijn M. Klein1

 Abstract Imaging of the lymphatic system has always encountered difficulties, such as high costs, timeconsuming procedures, and low-resolution images. Each method of imaging provides its own challenges. The use of high-resolution ultrasonography (HR-US) and microvascular flow imaging (MVFI) may prove to be the most effective method for visualizing the superficial lymphatic vessels. This study investigated the utilization of HR-US and MVFI in imaging inguinal lymph nodes and vessels, as well as the innovative use of an intranodal saline injection that acted as a contrast agent. This technical note aims to demonstrate that HR-US and MVFI, in combination with an intranodal saline injection, are applicable to the dynamic imaging of superficial inguinal lymph nodes and vessels.

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