Non-invasive ultrasonic diagnosis of urinary bladder outlet

M. Arif
Promotor Prof. dr. ir. R. van Mastrigt, Prof. dr. ir. C.L. de Korte
Copromotor Prof. dr. C.H. Bangma, Prof. dr. ir. H. Wijkstra, Prof. dr. G.A. van Koeveringe
Institute Erasmus MC
Date 2016-04-20

In this thesis, we investigated decorrelation (a decrease in corrleation between sequential ultrasound signals) based analysis of Ultrasound (US) signals of urinary flow data to non-invasively diagnose BOO. The work of the thesis is devided into two parts. Part I deals with urethra model studies to provide a base for further in-vivo analysis. Part II describes the results of the cilinical studies done in healthy volunteers and in patients with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms.

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