Technological Innovations In Endobranchial Lung Cancer Diagnostics

R. Verhoeven
Promotor Prof. dr. ir. C.L. de Korte
Copromotor E.H.F.M. van der Heijden
Institute Radboud University
Date 2021-06-07

Lung cancer is the world’s most deadly type of cancer and is diagnosed in more than 2.2 million patients every year. To ensure the most optimal survival of these patients they should be diagnosed as early and accurately as possible. In this thesis, imaging techniques to help improve the diagnosis and staging of lung cancer patients are evaluated. In the first part of this thesis, ultrasound B-mode features and ultrasound strain elastography are evaluated for improving the endobronchial staging accuracy of lung cancer. The second part of this thesis evaluates the different technological aspects of the navigation bronchoscopy procedure, a novel diagnostic method supported by multi-modal technology.

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